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About Nigerian Community Germany e.V.

Short history of the Nigerian Community Germany e.V;

On October 1989, a group of Nigerians gathered in Bonn,Germany for the expressed purpose of exploring the formation of a worthy and unified voice for Nigerians outside Nigeria. The major impetus was the call by one of our distinquished lady Secretary working then at the Embassy, who asked the authority in-charge in about October 1989 to help organize and form an association in the Federal Republic of Germany.

On the 24th January 1990 the Information and Cultural Section of the Embassy sent out a letter to all Nigerians in the Federal Republic of Germany asking for every person to register with the Embassy. After the initial meeting was convened in Bonn at the Embassy Chancery, another meeting took place to elect the initial officers of the association as thus:  
The first elected Chairman of the NCG was Muritala; Vice-Chairman:; General-Secretary: Nene Amaefule; Assistant-General-Secretary: Arch.Orizu C.Duru, who also acted as Social and Publicity Secretary; Mrs Blossom C.Onyegbula, Assistant Gen.Sec.-Finance; Dr.Mike O.Ilebareneme, Treasurer and Mr.Ifeanyi S.Ogbogbo ( Chief Scribe). With apparent admiration for the existing organizations of such elsewhere, those who gathered in Bonn later chose from among many suggestions the “Nigerian Community Germany” as the name of the emerging entity.

The organizing document would later be drawn by a committee set up to put together a constitution. Choosing to be organized by way of affiliates across Germany, the NCG limited membership in it to Nigerian Community Organizations. Individual participation in the community was designed to come through the affiliated organization by way of the affiliates sending Delegates to the House of Delegates and the Central Executive and House of Councillors. 
The Head of the organization was referred to as the Chairman or Chairlady. The officers of the NCG were initially restricted to the following offices: the Chairperson, vice-Chairperson, the Secretary- General, Assistant Secretary-General, the Financial-Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Publicity-Secretary/PRO. The Councillors election and participation later took place. The organization was incorporated in the city of Bonn in 1992. From the initial six affiliates/Branches, the NCG has grown to sixteen ( 15 ) affiliates. These include:
Augsburg,   Berlin,  Bremen,  Hannover,  Hamburg,  Köln, Landshut, Liepzig,   Frankfurrt,   Minden,  Münster,  München,  Mannheim,  Nürnberg, Rosenheim,  Stüttgart.